Can you tell if opportunities are passing you by?

Perceptions are unique. Two people can experience the same exact thing and what they see can be completely different.

I have been studying a lot on the correlation between how we see things (the reflection of who we are), and what we get out of life. As I was strolling around on facebook, looking at what people posted, it’s amazing to see people’s perspective.

I read a blog that talked about racial differences, and the way people of different ethnic backgrounds can experience the same thing, yet see it so differently. Then, I watched a clip of a young man who had clipped money to his suit and carried a sign that told people to take what they needed. In this clip, you see him get stopped by numerous people who already “had” money but took the money off his suit. Then, at the end of the clip he walks by a homeless man he just takes $2 so he can get a little something to eat.

My perception of that clip is this: it was trying to portray that the homeless man was less selfish. A few months ago, I probably would have thought that too. But I don’t have the same perception anymore. I see something different. I see people who understand that there is opportunity to get money for something they “need” as defined by themselves, taking full advantage of the free money that someone is willingly giving away. Then, at the end of the clip, the homeless man had an opportunity to have money that he truly needed to live and still didn’t take what he could to better himself. He told the guy in the money suit that he only needed $2 to get something to eat. The money man asked him if that was all he really needed. He answered him by stating that he wanted the money to go to someone who needed it.

Isn’t that ironic? The homeless man living on the streets is telling the Money man that he should give it to someone who needs it. I understand the clip is about being selfless and even when you don’t have much you still want to help others. BUT I think that the biggest mistake is thinking that you don’t deserve the money and letting an opportunity pass you by that could, in fact, help you.

I wonder how many people out there see an opportunity that could help them and don’t capitalize on it because they don’t see it’s value, or they don’t think that they are worth it. I wonder if that homeless man would have thought, “If I take all of this money, then I could give it to people who I KNOW need help.” He could have taken the money himself and dispersed it, instead of hoping/ trusting that the right people, who need the money, would come along and take the money.

As I watched in the first part of the clip, people who had the means to take care of themselves took the money. But at the end, the man didn’t see the value of the opportunity right in front of him to get the helpĀ heĀ needed. The Money man rewarded the homeless man for his selflessness, which is awesome. Unfortunately, that is not how life usually works.

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