Can making your bed really change your life?

We are currently in the process of getting our house and lives organized. Can you just imagine how much “fun” we’re having!?! Seriously, this has been so trying for us. We know that in the end we are going to have less stress, less headaches, and feel SO much better knowing where everything is, but man it is a TON of work.

This is much like how you feel when you decide to take back your life. It can be so frustrating, and in the beginning, you are overwhelmed and it seems like not much progress is getting done. But the fact is that when you decide to REALLY live, you may or may not realize just how much stuff you have lurking in your hidden compartments of your mind.

I have been on a personal develop journey for the past few months gaining all the knowledge that I can possible get my hands on. Since I started down this path, I have seen so much change happen all around me. There have been ups, downs, twists and turns, but who I am today and who I am was just a few short months ago are two different people.

I am in the process of getting my website up and running. Boy oh boy I had NO idea that it was going to be this much work. I bought an online package to help me get started. The program was such a great investment. I have had this dream of having my own blog but not knowing exactly what to do or say on it. So I just had the site but very little content.

Last night I was  trying to figure out the configuration on just how to get this site up. So I went OUTSIDE of the carefully thought out program and just jumped in. What a MISTAKE!! I was so confused. I just wanted to get to the part on how to make my site look pretty. I clicked on one of the videos that showed you how to work with wordpress, behind the scene stuff. I was totally lost. It was like she was speaking a foreign language.

Fast forward to tonight. I was driving with my hubs. We were having a conversation about personal growth and me blogging about cleaning and organizing our home.

For us, getting the house in a position where everything is organized is HARD work. We have three kids, and we love them dearly, but we HAVE three kids. So trying to get a project done isn’t easy because you don’t have a lot of spare time with no one around to just knock it out real quick. Anyone with kids is nodding their heads right now. But we know this is something that needs to be done if we are going to get to the next level of success.

While we were driving and chatting. I told him about my experience last night. He said, “It’s a lot like life. You can’t just jump to where you want to be. You have to put in your time and do all of the mundane things that lead you to where you want to go.” I was shocked at what he just said. I completely agreed and added that you WILL be out of your depth if you cannot handle the little stuff that is part of your everyday life.

If you decide to take all of these seemingly tiny steps, watch out, because it is big deal. An example of this would be making your bed EVERY morning. Your probably asking  what’s so great about that? It turns out a lot! In the the book, The Power of Habit (pg. 109), the author tells reader about some studies out there. He briefly explains the correlation between some rather simple keystone shifts that you can make and that have the power to change the course of your life. About people, he says “making their beds is correlated with better productivity, a greater sense of well-being, and stronger skills at sticking with a budget.” Who knew making your bed could set off a chain reaction! It’s just a tiny shift but so powerful.

Let’s get back to the fact that my kitchen is a hot mess. I am cleaning it out because although I don’t know the full impact of having an organized home, I know that it will revolutionize my life. If making your bed has the power to set a chain reaction like that, I welcome with arms wide open what happens when I decided to organize my home!



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