To grow or not to grow that is the question?

Someone once said, “You’ll always be surrounded by problems. You are either in one right now. You just left one. Or, you’re on your way to one.”

Making the choice to learn from life’s tests are crucial to how you live your life here on earth. A great teacher, Jim Rohn, says, “There will be pain in the life. You can choose the pain of regret or the pain of growth. But you must choose.” When I first heard that, it rocked me. How true are those words and what a great perception. If I have to go through pain in this life, why not have the pain of growth? I knew the pain and trials from life knocking me around all too well. I also knew I didn’t like that life was knocking me around. I felt overwhelmed. It hurt. I would get depressed. I would lose confidence. I lost who I was and the strength that I once knew.

So I made a decision. The decision to have the pain of personal growth.

In life, there are times when you feel like all you do is get crapped on. I know I felt that feeling all too often. As I laid in bed tonight, I started thinking about how things grow, namely plants. Then, it dawned on me. They need to have fertile soil to grow strong and healthy. Do you happen to know what is the best fertilizer out there? Yep, you guessed it poop. I chuckled to myself thinking how ironic that was, that you need poop in your life if you want to grow. Having good soil is so vital for plants to make it, and so it is with us. We need good fertile soil to grow strong and weather the storms of life. Because there will be trials, that is a guarantee.

I thought back through the trials and tribulations of my life and all the “fertilizing” that had taken place. WOW!! I needed all of that crap to grow strong and healthy. The soil of my life was in desperate need of fertilization. I didn’t have a clue how much I had neglected the maintenance of the ground where I was planted. All of the events that transpired in my life were necessary. Let me say that again: They were necessary. I needed it to be able to grow.

So many times in life, it doesn’t seem fair. I hear that all the time. Why did this happen to me? Why is God angry with me? How much does He think I can handle? When is this going to end?Asking the right questions is crucial for you to get to the root of the problem. Whatever is going on, your current conundrum isn’t the real problem. It’s the symptom. Something deeper is going on and it’s manifesting outwardly in the situation that you find yourself in currently. In order to diagnose the root  cause, you’ll need to look at the source. Finding the source is not always easy or simple. So asking the proper questions to get the right diagnoses is critical. No one wants to address the wrong thing. Unfortunately, so many people do.

Life is funny because you get the test first, then the lesson.

I would like to share some of my insight with you that I have learned going to this crazy beautiful life.When going through trials of any kind, asking the right questions may just get you out and on your way quicker. I don’t know about you, but that’s music to my ears! Whenever I am in a situation where I am feeling overwhelmed the first thing I ask myself is this: What is the lesson? If you are willing to look for the lesson in your current situation, you might be surprised at what you find.

The next question I ask is: How can I learn/grow through this? Growing through your circumstances is so important. Don’t forget the lesson. Let it be part of your character. A tool that you can use going forward. When you encounter the same situation, you already have the tools you need to succeed. There is no need to go through all of the drama again. You’ll get to zip right by it!!

Then, I ask is there some other place in my life I can apply this new nugget of wisdom? Chances are there is, or will be so. So hang on to that new bit of knowledge, it’ll come in handy.

Lastly, I ask myself: Is there anyone else I know that I can benefit from this wisdom? More times than not, there is someone who can. I don’t know about you, but I catch myself feeling as if I am the only one out there that is going through this particular funk. I feel alone. But, the truth is, you are not the only person going through whatever situation is being played out right now. Whenever I go through something tough, I’ll run into someone who is going through what I just went through. It’s really quite amazing how it all works out. I get to share my insight with someone who is usually relieved to hear that someone else is going through the same thing. The next time you are being tried, think about the person who you’ll be able to bless with insight because of your current struggle.

So the next time the you know what hits the fan, remind yourself that your are being fertilized. You’ll never be the same. Grow into the person you meant to be.

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