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I have always been a believer in holistic medicine, and that anything worth doing was worth doing right. When I discovered Young Living Essential Oils, I was so happy that I had finally found something that would be able to replace a lot of toxic chemicals in my house. I was even happier when I found out how well the oils work. I bought my premium starter kit in February 2015, and have been hooked on oils ever since. My children are in love with the oils and ask for me to put oils on them whenever they get hurt or do not feel well. Our entire family has been blessed by these wonderful oils. I am excited that you desire to learn about essential oils. They are simply unique with many benefits.

Let’s learn a bit about them now.



What are essential oils?

An essential oil is that aromatic, volatile liquid that comes from inside flowers, shrubs, trees, roots, bushes, and seeds. Many people call essential oils the lifeblood of plants because they carry oxygen and nutrients within the plant and are part of the regenerative process of the plant.


How can I experience the benefits of essential oils?



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Why Choose Young Living?


When I first starting using essential oils, I had no idea that there were different qualities of oils with varying health benefits. The quality of the oil is largely due to the plant species used, the growing process and the extraction process. Unfortunately, essential oils are commonly distilled using high heat or even chemical solvents. Many companies use these methods because they are less expensive. However, these methods compromise the oil and destroy some of it’s beneficial therapeutic qualities.

never recommend that anyone buy essential oils HERE, because many times the oils are tainted, diluted, or really old.

As I researched essential oil companies, I was impressed with Young Living’s beyond organic practices and “Seed to Seal” guarantee. They own their own farms, they always use the proper plant species, they weed by hand and use their own oils for pest control. They use steam distillation and cold pressing methods to preserve the therapeutic properties of the oil. Young Living distills without using any chemicals, EVER! Their essential oils are potent, 100% pure and safe! To see their full product line CLICK HERE.

I invite you take my 3 week course on essential oils.


Ready to get started? Awesome! I know you’re going to love these oils.


The most economical way to start using essential oils is Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit. This kit is how I started my oily journey! The kit comes with 11 oils (worth over $160), a home diffuser (worth $96), a rollerball for your bottles, and tons of samples! The kit retails for over $300, but as a wholesale member you get a 50% discount.

Click here to get started.

If you need any help with the enrollment process please contact me at

Is there a way to  save even
MORE money?

You bet there is, and it’s called the Essential Rewards Program. Buying one of the ER kits is not a requirement to sign up as a Wholesale member. But if you are looking to save money this is a rewards program you can opt into so you can start earning money back to help pay for oils that you love. I am part of the monthly ER program and LOVE it! I have been able to start branching our and trying new products. In our home we have a budget, so earning points back for my purchases is a great way for me to try new products and not infringe on our budget!

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